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Time to Get Gorgeous!


The prices below are all grooming prices which INCLUDE hair cuts, if you are looking for a bath only or bath package please call or login for pricing.




Extra small haircut -39.99

Small haircut -49.99

Medium haircut -59.99

Large haircut -69.99

Extra large haircut -89.99+


Dematting -7 and up added to regular groom price


Pattern haircuts (traditional skirts and poodle cuts) -7 to -10 added to regular groom price


Face, feet, and tail -15 and up

If just getting one (face trim, paw trim, or hygiene clip separately) -7


For dogs not already getting a bath or groom: Nail trim -15, Nail trim with grinding -22, Ear cleaning -10


Nail grinding (when added to a bath or groom since the nail trimming is included) -7


Tooth brushing -10

Tooth brushing with fresh breath spray -13


Upgraded shampoo -7 (this can be medicated, flea and tick, whitening etc)

Conditioner -7

Blueberry facial -5

Paw balm -5

Anal gland expression -10

Deshedding treatment small and medium -20 and up depending on coat condition

Deshedding treatment large and x-large 30 and up depending on size and coat condition

Spa Package -22 (added to bath or groom. Includes conditioner and choice of 2-3 upgrades)

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