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Boarding Options

We provide both short term and long term boarding.  Traditional boarding is charged on a nightly basis, the final boarding day is counted for all lodging/boarding reservations, we do also offer round the clock care both here at Urban Tails Pet Resort and at The Lodge.  




 All kibble brought must be in an air tight container labeled with feeding instructions.  We do have refrigerator and freezer space for pets with diets needing such storage.


We encourage you to purchase knuckle bones for enjoying in the evening and treats that will be enjoyed throughout the day to encourage and reward good pack behavior. Don't worry about those extra calories, we burn them off throughout the day and stay very active for any dog that is healthy enough to participate! 

Long Term boarding applies to boarding requests over 28 days.


Our comfortable amenities include:

Comfortable, Spacious & Sanitary Suites.

Large play area with rubber flooring to protect joints

Supervised exercise and socialization

Raised Cots and Blankets

Fireplace Cuddle Time

24/7 Television or Music, set to preference


Daily Playtime can be scheduled for a small additional fee (we will post our Daycare prices as soon as possible). You can choose from a variety of one-on-one activities or group play depending on your pet. From active play like ball catching to a peaceful, easy stroll or cuddle, each guest is given undivided personal attention. And, of course, lots of love is always included.


Cat boarding 15 per night, multi level cat condos, the final day of boarding/lodging is counted and charged.


Dog Boarding

15# & Under- Small Dog  -30

16-30#s- Medium Dog  -34

31-50#s-Large Dog  -36

51-100#s-X Large Dog   -40

100+#s-Giant Dog  -42

*All sizes Premier Resort Boarding 24/7 care is 38 per calendar day

Boarding Add Ons

Cookie Break | -2 each
Healthy snack for your best friend (up to 3x daily)

Dental Chew | -3 each
Healthy dental stick (up to 1x daily)

Facebook Shout Out | -5 each
We’ll post a photo of your dog having fun at the Resort on Facebook to share online (up to 1 post daily)

Cuddle Time | -15 each
Who doesn’t love a good cuddle? Sign your pup up for some one-on-one snuggle time with a staffer. Perfect for those who might need a little extra love and attention away from home. Includes an emailed photo and report card on how their stay is going.


    Serving Southern Virginia
    Daily Shuttle for Halifax, Pittsylvania & Henry Counties